Why K2?

True to the project.
True to our word.

When you work with K2 Construction, you can rely on us to do exactly what we say we’ll do – and exceed expectations every inch of the way. Whether it’s understanding the strict security policies and specialized construction of data centers or renovating occupied office spaces, our team is known for its expertise and ability to work under complicated circumstances – always without disrupting normal business productivity.

View some of our greatest projects below, as well the differentiators that make K2 the ideal partner for your construction project.

Complete collaboration throughout the project

K2’s promise to our clients goes beyond delivering a high-quality project on time and on budget. You get a completed project, yes—but you also get the experience of working with a partner who intimately understands your project goals and delivers a collaborative approach from the beginning. We take a project-centric approach because we understand that beyond K2’s subcontracted trades, every team member impacts our shared success from the architect to the building-required trades to the client’s third-party vendors. K2’s goal is to bring ALL parties to the table working for the same end result—a client’s vision realized.

Going beyond schedule
and budget

We believe that there is an art and a science to commercial construction and a successful project requires that a contractor master both. The science in what we do is our team’s technical expertise developed via years of experience, technical certifications and formal job training. It also includes the project processes implemented to allow our team to be successful, yet nimble enough to accommodate the unique needs of each project. But that is just the beginning. K2’s real value-add is that we have mastered the ART of construction. To us, it means understanding the needs of the project at large and doing whatever it takes to ensure the project is successful on the client’s terms. Beyond the traditional role of a contractor, K2 strives to be a true partner.

Long-term industry

K2 is a relationship-driven company and it shows. Over 85% of our projects are based on repeat and referral business, and while our subcontractor base has grown and developed along with the company, we still partner with many of the skilled trades that we did at the company’s founding in 2002. The same long-term approach we take with our industry partners and clients, we implement in-house with our team. We want our employees build fulfilling career at a company that values their time, dedication and commitment to excellence.