PGA Coaching Center

Where world-class golfers refine their game

Located at PGA of America’s new Frisco headquarters campus, the Coaching Center is a global hub designed to develop and foster the PGA coaching philosophy. This two story, 12,000 square foot center offers expert instruction, club fittings and fitness. From 1:1 sessions to group clinics, golfers at all levels can refine their swing, enhance their putting, or sharpen specific skills like green reading and playing in the wind. The Coaching Center strives to foster a love for the game by furthering the American Development Model for Golf while providing a connection to more than 29,000 PGA of America Golf Professionals across the nation.


12,000 SF


Frisco, Texas

Design Firm:


Project Manager:

Cushman & Wakefield


Their high-touch, data-driven experience serves golfers of all ages and backgrounds by utilizing best-in-class technologies like Trackman, PuttView, Swing Catalyst.