Kimball Dallas Showroom

Furniture manufacturer selects K2 to uphold their legacy of craftsmanship.

Located in The Union, Kimball’s new showroom is sophisticated with an understated and industrial feel, allowing the ample natural light and Kimball product to be the focal point. K2 participated in the design and engineering of a new mezzanine, cutting a hole in the existing slab and then structurally reinforcing the opening to create the two-level entrance. This showroom features open-to-deck ceilings, polished concrete flooring, floor-to-ceiling white oak product display cases and glass office fronts.


7,000 SF


Dallas, Texas

Design Firm:


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The Union houses office, retail and residential tenants. Construction of the new mezzanine, which involved structural demolition, had to be completed without any disruption to tenants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.