Common Desk Trammell Crow Center

Texas-based coworking in iconic downtown high rise

Common Desk selects Trammell Crow Center, the newly redeveloped icon building in the Arts District of downtown Dallas, as its next North Texas coworking location. Encompassing two full floors, this project includes a new monumental stair with wood trim elements and features French composite hardwood floors, custom-built glass and millwork office fronts, and open to deck ceilings. Amenities like the jewel-toned library nook with a secret door to an executive conference room, full-service coffee shop under the new stairs, and a moody craft cocktail bar puts this Common Desk location into an echelon of its own.


47,000 SF


Dallas, Texas

Design Firm:

ENTOS Design

Project Manager:

Stream Realty


This was 5th generation spaceā€”One of the most important construction efforts involved leveling the floors (including the removal of three layers of flooring and old, decayed leveling materials) in addition to significant reworking of all above ceiling MEP elements to allow for the open ceiling concept.

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