Bottle Rocket

An innovative office for digital creatives.

Bottle Rocket is an international, multi-disciplinary mobile studio that creates unique apps for high-profile brands. This two-floor digital office is designed to spur creativity within the company’s workforce, as is evident from the moment you enter—Visitors are greeted at the reception-less entry by an iPad with a digital check-in and notification system designed by Bottle Rocket staff. Every inch of the office suggests a relaxed culture and flat organizational structure, including the C-Suite area with its door-less entry and standard desks sets no different than any other desk in the office. This high-tech office provides digital integration and a flexibly designed layout to adapt to the needs of the end-user.


42,000 SF


Addison, Texas

Design Firm:


Project Manager:



K2 Construction removed a section of concrete deck to create an internal structural atrium which brings connectivity between to the two floors. The atrium is the cultural hub of the office and houses the employee’s kitchen and breakroom.