December 14, 2020

Mark Shannon wins K2’s 2020 Hero of the Year Award

Each year, K2 awards a Hero of the Year. Someone who best represented K2’s values (integrity, positivity, passion) and purpose (to “Be Their Hero”). This person makes it their mission each day to help ALL others excel in their roles on our projects, including our clients, skilled trades, design teams, and third-party vendors. This year, the Hero of the Year is awarded to Mark Shannon, K2’s Estimator! Check out the quotes below to see what Mark’s peers had to say about him:


“I vote for Mark because in my opinion he best embodies the values of K2 – Positive, Integrity, and Passion. Mark is positive every day, regardless of what is going on in his personal or work life. Mark always has a smile on his face. He has integrity. Estimating is a tough job – The work never ends. Yet despite that he always makes sure that his bids are accurate and competitive. He answers questions with a most positive attitude. He is always available. He really shows me that he cares about what he is doing, and the great attitude he carries shines through.”


“He has won the client’s trust that he works with frequently.”


“Whenever I see him in the office, he stops whatever he is doing to acknowledge me and to greet me. It is so genuine, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.”


“Mark should be the Hero because he always does everything with a smile and is super nice.  He stays positive about everything that comes his way at work. He’s always there to help, never complains, sticks to his work, always has a smile on his face and has a positive attitude.”


“When there is something to do around the office, he is the first to jump in to help even if it isn’t his job or if he is busy.”


“Mark is ALWAYS in a good mood and if he’s not, he’s faking it really well. He stays late and makes sure to get all his work done. He has a lot to do but never hesitates to stop and have a friendly chat or to help someone. He has taken on so much since he started here and I feel he truly cares about the content of his work.”


“Integrity – Has a strong character and is a good example. Positivity – The kindest person who works here in my opinion! Passion – Taken on so much and genuinely cares about the work, the subs and the clients.”


“Mark is laid back. He doesn’t fuss about anything and he has such a good attitude. He’s a true team player! He’s my hero.”


“I nominate Mark because he represents all of our values and tries everyday to be everyone’s hero. I don’t know how he does it every day. Mark is very deserving of the cape this year.”


“If I could, I would nominate both estimators – the K2 Crew and our clients know that Mark and Mike are the best. This year has been very crucial for the work they do.”


Congratulations, Mark! You represent what it means to work at K2 and we are glad you are a part of the K2 Crew.