What We Do

What We Do

For over a decade, Dallas-based K2 Construction has been committed to providing clients with the highest quality and most economical commercial construction services in the industry. We have a proven track record across a multitude of industries, including Mission Critical, Commercial Office, Capital Improvements, and Healthcare. Our specialized teams partner closely with architects, engineers, property owners and managers, brokers and end-users in order to achieve the highest quality construction on time and within budget.



Our consultation process starts by gathering the clients’ requirements. This helps our team understand the client’s vision, objectives and requirements for the project. We begin the consultation with a discovery meeting where we can engage with clients on a high level of understanding to provide sample ideas and estimates. It is in this discovery when strategic and financial mistakes are most easily avoided.




During the design process, K2 Construction leverages the requirements from the discovery meeting to consult with the best architects to fit the needs of your project. We work with architects to begin drawing projects plans. Our constant engagement with the architects helps us provide accurate figures and project timelines to clients throughout the entire design process.




After the consultation and design processes are finalized, we begin construction. Because of the thorough attention to the project details by our team, we will be very familiar with all project objectives and requirements, making the actual construction phase the easiest part of the process. 

We provide excellent on site supervision and periodically update the client with scheduling reports and progress meetings. We won’t allow the last five to ten percent of projects to linger, which means your projects will be completed in a timely manner. Once construction is complete, we will perform a client walk through of the new facility.